“We have been so pleased with our daughter’s progress in learning the violin through the Royal Academy. The Royal Academy instruction has been top notch, instilling in her both knowledge and a love of music. Our daughter went from having no music experience to being able to read and play music within three months of starting lessons. A year later she can pick up her music book and play any song. The Royal Academy also makes scheduling easy by accommodating our busy schedules. ”

~ Jane Molinari, MD,OBGYN


“My children have been students at The Royal Academy for many years and the experience has been outstanding! The teachers have been enthusiastic and supportive, and have been true professionals in every aspect. The entire staff is extremely responsive and flexible in meeting our scheduling needs. But perhaps the best part has been the opportunity to participate in the recitals. This has given them poise and a sense of confidence that has carried over into other aspects other lives. I wish the Royal Academy had been around when I was a youngster!!!”

~ Joanne Samant, MD, Pediatrics


” The Royal Academy has been my children’s music school since they began approximately 13 years ago. They have demonstrated in many ways, an exceptional aptitude in teaching music. Their wonderful program has allowed my children not only to learn how to play a musical instrument, but to also love and appreciate the joy that having such a knowledge could bring. Being a physician, I can recognize and admire when a teacher connects with his students, very similar to how a doctor tries to connect with their patient(s). The Royal Academy has an apparent way of communicating with their students which in itself, I feel is a tremendous gift. I applaud them as educator’s and a quality school that genuinely cares for each child individually. Throughout the years, the Royal Academy has had a tremendous impact on my boys. They have grown to become fully rounded young men. I am grateful to the Royal Academy and I highly recommend their expertise to anyone. You will certainly not be disappointed! “

~ S. Viswanathan, M.D., Internal Medicine, Family Practice


” My children have taken piano lessons in Royal Academy for the past Seven years. I am very pleased with our experience. The teachers are skilled, qualified and professional. Most importantly, they work well with young children. I appreciate how they emphasize music theory and technique while maintaining a fun learning environment, and without overwhelming the students. Several recitals are held throughout the year, always in elegant recital halls. My children, although sometimes quite shy, have looked forward to these. Their music lessons have certainly developed their self-confidence and discipline. The school itself is a friendly and welcoming place. The instruments are of excellent quality. The staff and teachers are always accommodating with scheduling requests. This is important for a family with three children and two parents who work full-time. My children are already asking for more lessons on other instruments! We look forward to many more years with Royal Academy. ”

~ M. Torres, MD, Endocrinology


“My children and I have attended the Royal Academy for several years. We are initially from Montreal and have been through the Royal Academy program there and have had a great deal of experience with different schools and teachers. My first impression of the Royal Academy was they may be a bit too upscale and classically oriented for my children. This came after reading from their list of teacher credentials, not to mention the “museum-like” appearance of the school when we visited. It then became apparent to me, that much like their obsession with attention to detail and organization it was obviously reflected in their teaching and care, especially towards how the school was run and the very solid education their students obviously received. We have been long term fans of the school ever since and we have all progressed incredibly since becoming students. I only wish there was something available like the Royal Academy in Florida where we will be moving in June. Please consider opening one there guys…=) My kids will carry on what they have learned from their teachers for the rest of their lives. “Mr. T” and “Li-Ching” and all of our friends at the Royal Academy, we will always remember the beautiful recitals and concerts, and most of all, our special friendship. Thank you for giving my children and myself such a great opportunity and growing experience! I recommend you to the world ! ”

~ ” Brad the Doc ” M.D., Pediatrics, & Family Practice


” Our three daughters have been piano students at Royal Academy for three years now. They have learned and gained the knowledge and confidence with respect to their piano playing. The teachers they have had have been professional and inspiring. We thank Royal Academy for providing our girls with a lifelong love of music. ”

~ The Vandal Family


” I have never experienced a school, (music or not) that offers so much to their students. My kids do not just have an “end of the year recital” they have been in over 7 recitals this year alone, not to mention the school requires their teachers give us parents a written student evaluation after every lesson (I love it!). Their facilities are breathtaking and from my observation they use only real pianos, no keyboards or digital pianos. When my children attended a music school in the Westborough area, I was a bit upset that they were just not enthusiastic, and since I wanted them to learn piano, I was a bit upset that they were taught on a keyboard. When I switched them to another school in the Framingham area, it was the same. I assume it is because digital piano’s and keyboards are cheaper to learn on and require no maintenance. In my book, it is called “cutting corners”. The main reason I first chose the Royal Academy was because they used real piano’s for all their lessons in all their studio’s and required teachers to have high credentials. I have since met many other parents and students at the school and have only heard great things about the Royal Academy not to mention the awards they received and community service they offer. Therefore, I would recommend this school (as I have to all my neighbors and friends) time and time again”

~ The Li Family


” My two boys have attended the Royal Academy for almost 7 years now and I could not recommend them enough. The role the Royal Academy played in their overall growth and development, not only as musician’s , but also as young adults, in my opinion, is priceless. Being a school teacher myself, I can recognize a good school by how it’s organized, the progress of its students, and the quality of education it offers. I have never seen a school (not to mention a music school work so diligently in encouraging and nurturing the growth and development of its students. I wish the Royal Academy continued success, and only wish more schools like this existed. The Royal Academy could certainly be a model for others to follow

~ Susan Daigneault, Teacher


” I have have studied drums at the Royal Academy for over 6 months now. Prior to this I was at another school in Worcester. There really was no comparisons. The Royal Academy know their stuff. There were things I have learned here that I never received anywhere else. My teacher is from the Berklee College of Music and originally from Japan, He is awesome! The hours are great as I work late and the facilities are breathtaking. most of all they are professionals. ”

~ Vincent Marcus Poulata, Esquire


” Working in the Medical field and having a demanding schedule for both myself and wife activities for our children have been difficult. I wanted to write about the Royal Academy as they worked very hard to arrange times for my two children to attend music lessons at the same time. They are very courteous and the hours are very flexible and convenient. The school is very elegant and everyone seems so polite and helpful. My kids love their lessons, especially the beautiful recitals, and most of all, they seem like people who truly care and work hard to ensure students and parents are happy and continually follow their progression. We receive student evaluations from our their teachers after each lesson which I find very helpful. I am not one that usually has the time or patience to write, however these people deserve it. I strongly recommend them to anyone. ”

~ Vijay Verma, M.D., Radiation Oncology


” My children have studied  Piano at the Royal Academy for approximately three years. Their approach to piano instruction was always made fun, interesting , but yet challenging. Their teachers have a great gift of integrating technical concepts with playing and performing, while avoiding to create an atmosphere that is competitive and discouraging. Their ability to customize each lesson based on my children’s personalities and needs are what always amazed me. In addition to ensuring my children have a very strong foundation in music, they also made sure to incorporate music they were interested in playing. Their teachers were always professional and their easy-going manner provided a relaxed atmosphere for learning. I have recommended the Royal Academy to countless people and find their response is the same.”

~ Dr. Kelly Cao, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine


Our Classes

Private piano lessons at the Royal Academy offers encouraging, focused, individualized instruction given by the highest level instructor and serves to develop the students piano technique, rhythmic training, sightreading skills and general musicianship. At the Royal Academy students can explore the endless opportunities in piano repertoire. We offer lessons to all ages and skill levels as well as all genres of music, from classical to Jazz, blues, rock and pop.

At the Royal Academy guitar students can explore the endless opportunities in guitar repertoire. We offer lessons to all ages and skill levels as well as all genres of music, from classical to Jazz, blues, rock and pop. Private guitar lessons at the Royal Academy offers encouraging, focused, individualized instruction given by the highest level instructor and serves to develop the students guitar technique, sight reading, rhythmic and general musicianship skills.

The Royal Academy offers voice/singing lessons to students of all ages and skill levels, from the beginner to advanced vocalist. Learn to sing your favorite pop tunes, arias or jazz improvisation. Voice lessons at the Royal Academy offers a focused, encouraging, individualized program with an emphaisis on vocal technique, ear and rhythmic training and general musicianship.