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TUITION PAYMENT POLICY: Tuition reserves a student’s less time each week and is essential for the academy to function. Because an instructor’s time is just as valuable as a students, it is important that a students tuition is paid prior to the start of lessons. Any lesson a student does not attend without prior notice (24 Hrs.) will unfortunately be a forfeiture of that lesson. Our tuition is structured on a “month to month” basis and is due on the 25th, of each month, prior to the upcoming month. Student’s paying later than the 4th, of the month (after the 25th) will be automatically charged on the credit card they provided to us (below).

TUITION PRO-RATING: Tuition will be pro-rated only for those students whose lessons fall on a holiday or who are away during July and August (only). Students also have the option of a make-up lesson if they choose.

SELF RENEWING TUITION: Although the Royal Academy’s tuition period is on a “month to month” basis, all tuition is self renewing on the 25th, of each month. This means, that, in the event you wish to discontinue lessons, you are required to notify (only) the Director, either in person, by phone, or in writing, before the 25th, of the current month, before the upcoming month begins. Please note that a student will continue to accumulate monthly fee’s if their tuition is not up to date prior to/or after discontinuing. Telling your instructor you are discontinuing will not be an accepted form of discontinuing lessons.

CREDIT CARD ON FILE REQUIREMENT: The Royal Academy requires that an active credit card remain on file in the event tuition is not paid by the 4th, of each month. If monthly tuition is not submitted by the 4th, of the month (for the month) your credit card will be automatically charged the monthly tuition fee of $ ___________________ on the 4th of the month. If you do not wish to have a credit card on file, tuition must be submitted in 3 month increments. If you opt. to pay in 3 month increments, it is very important that your tuition is up to date every three months of lessons, or lessons will unfortunately be temporarily placed on hold. Please note that the Royal Academy for Music is also PCI Merchant Compliant, we do not store credit cards electronically or in computers. Hard copy forms are only handled by the Director of the school.

REGISTRATION FEE: There is a $35 dollar registration fee per student (no more than $70 per family) required upon registration to the academy and on September 1st, of each year. Those students registering between April 1st, and August 31st, will be exempt from re-paying the registration fee the following September.

BOOKS: The Royal Academy for Music Registration Fee includes your first book. Books are not paid seperately.

ABSENTEE POLICY: The Royal Academy requires a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation for an absence to be excused. All lessons cancelled outside this 24 hour period will be considered a cancellation and a student has the option of taking a make-up lesson limit 3 (three) absent-related make-up lessons per year. If 24 hours notice has not been given, the lesson will be considered a “no show” and will unfortunately be forfeited and must still be paid for.

TEACHER ABSENCE: All instructor absences will be offered a make-up lesson prior to, or after an instructor is absent. Tuition Credits are not given for an instructor absence. This type of make-up lesson is not counted against a student as one of the 3 (three) allowed make-up lessons per year.

MAKE-UP LESSONS: The Academy offers 3 (three) make-up lessons through-out the year for students that were absent and gave a period of 24 hour notice or more of cancelation. Make-up lessons are not offered to students that canceled within a 24 hour period. Under no condition can make-up lessons be substituted for monthly tuition payments.

SCHEDULE CHANGES/SPEAKING WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR: All administrative issues such as schedule changes, re-scheduling, tuition, or anything relating to absences, schedule adjustments, etc. must be made solely through a school administrator, not through an instructor. Instructor’s are not permitted or trained to address issues relating to arranging schedules, tracking schedule changes, tuition related issues, etc. Please kindly refer all these issues through the Shrewsbury office by calling 508-842-1221.

TEACHER CHANGE: Students are welcome at any time to switch to a new instructor at their convenience teachers are aware this occurs and it is not an uncommon occurrence in the arts. In the event an instructor leaves the academy, we will work diligently to ensure the highest qualified replacement and encourage a smooth transition between instructors. The Academy transitions to a new instructor by having the new instructor join the current instructor during the last week to 2 weeks of lessons to ensure a smooth transition, and to update the new instructor on the students past progression.

SCHOOL CLOSING POLICY: Cancellation of lessons due to inclement weather will be offered an automatic make-up lesson (not credit), which can be applied anytime throughout the year. This type of make-up lesson does not count against the student’s allowed 3(three) make-up lessons throughout the year.

VACATIONS: The Royal Academy’s admission period is rolling and lessons are taught straight through the summer and vacation periods. In the event that a student leaves for vacation consisting of one or more weeks (only during the months of July1st, through August 31st) the Royal Academy allows for tuition payments to be pro-rated. Notice of an absence must be given (by the student) to the Royal Academy Shrewsbury school within a period of, no less than 1 (one) week in order for tuition to be pro-rated. Under no condition can make-up lessons during the school year be substituted for tuition payments during the summer months.

LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS: The Royal Academy is not responsible for items that are left at the academy and are lost or stolen.

PARENTAL GUIDANCE: It is the parents responsibility to accompany and watch their children at all times. The Royal Academy is not responsible for accidents that occur or if a child is missing from the academy due to lack of parental guidance . Please kindly accompany your children at all times. In the event you are picking your child up, please come into the school to pick up your child, If we notice a child leaving the school unattended, we will ask the child to wait inside for their parents and not allow them to leave unattended.

*I hereby confirm that I read and agree with all the policies listed above.

Download Royal Registration Form 2013.pdf

Our Classes

Private piano lessons at the Royal Academy offers encouraging, focused, individualized instruction given by the highest level instructor and serves to develop the students piano technique, rhythmic training, sightreading skills and general musicianship. At the Royal Academy students can explore the endless opportunities in piano repertoire. We offer lessons to all ages and skill levels as well as all genres of music, from classical to Jazz, blues, rock and pop.

At the Royal Academy guitar students can explore the endless opportunities in guitar repertoire. We offer lessons to all ages and skill levels as well as all genres of music, from classical to Jazz, blues, rock and pop. Private guitar lessons at the Royal Academy offers encouraging, focused, individualized instruction given by the highest level instructor and serves to develop the students guitar technique, sight reading, rhythmic and general musicianship skills.

The Royal Academy offers voice/singing lessons to students of all ages and skill levels, from the beginner to advanced vocalist. Learn to sing your favorite pop tunes, arias or jazz improvisation. Voice lessons at the Royal Academy offers a focused, encouraging, individualized program with an emphaisis on vocal technique, ear and rhythmic training and general musicianship.