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Monthly Tuition Fees



Tuition reserves a student’s lesson time each week and is essential for the academy to function. Because an instructors time is just as valuable as a students, it is important that a students tuition is paid prior to lessons being given. this assures the academy that the funding and commitment is available to compensate their instructors.  Any lesson a student does not attend (without proper notice) will unfortunately be a forfeiture of that lesson. Our tuition is structured on a “month to month” basis and is due on the 25th, of each month for the upcoming month. Registration occurs on September 1st, of each year for existing students and on the first day of lessons for new incoming students. A one time-one month tuition security deposit is required upon registration for all students along with the registering months tuition. This deposit can be applied to a students last month of lessons, existing balance or will be completely refunded upon discontinuance. The following is a breakdown of our tuition fees:


Duration      Per Lesson Fee    Monthly Fee  
30 Minute Session               $36    $156 Per Month
45 Minute Session               $47    $203 Per Month
60 Minute Session               $59    $255 Per Month

*30 Minute Lessons:  Thirty minute in-home lessons are only offered if there are two or more siblings/friends taking at the same home on the same day.

*The one-hour rate is only for an individual student taking a one-hour lesson. A one-hour rate can not be divided between two students.

Although the Royal Academy’s tuition period is on a month to month basis, all tuition is self renewing by the 25th, of each month. This means that in the event you wish to discontinue lessons, you are required to notify the Royal Academy in writing, mailed to 370 Boston Turnpike Rd., Shrewsbury, MA 01545 before the 25th, of each month prior to the month you will be discontinuing. Failure to notify the school of withdrawal will result in charges for the upcoming months tuition. Any balances carried over will also result in a $10 late fee for each month a balance remains open.


All students are required to check in at the front desk as well as sign in with their instructors before each lesson begins to ensure tuition is up to date and to help us track lesson history. In the event a payment has not been submitted by the 8th, of the month (grace period), unfortunately the instructor will not be allowed to perform a lesson and lessons will unfortunately be temporarily suspended until a payment is made. Students will not be given the reason for a lesson being suspended, only a parent or guardian will be notified regarding this. Please do not send your child to a lesson without remembering to pay his/her tuition, this makes it very difficult for the school, its teachers and administration. If finances are an issue, please contact us so we can help to work out a convenient payment plan with you.


Please understand that the Royal Academy compensates its instructors for their time, and their time is just as important as anyone else’s. When a student does not show up, the instructor is still present and compensated. Your tuition reserves a time-slot with a particular instructor.


There is a $35 dollar registration fee per student, no more than $70 per family required upon registration to the academy and on September 1st. of each year. Those students registering between June 1st, and August 31st, will be exempt from re-paying the registration fee the following September (only) however, the one month security deposit is still required.


The Royal Academy requires a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation for an absence to be excused. All lessons cancelled outside this 24 hour period will be considered a cancellation and a student has the option of taking a make-up lesson. If 24 hours notice has not been given, the lesson will be considered a “no show” and will be forfeited. No make-up lesson can be offered.


The Academy offers 3 make-up lessons per year for students that were absent and gave a period of 24 hour notice of cancellation. Please do not contact your instructor on your own to set up a make-up lesson, all make-up lessons must be valid through the music office only. If approved, a make-up lesson voucher will be given to the instructor with permission to offer a make-up lesson.


The Royal Academy offers a trial lesson for students who are not quite sure if an instrument is for them or their child or if they would like to get a good sense of how a lesson is structured, to meet a teacher and/or to discuss goals.  A trial lesson fee is the same as a 1/2 hour lesson fee $26.00 and an instrument does not need to be rented or purchased prior to a trial lesson.  Students are required to notify the school shortly after the trial lesson in order to reserve a time slot.

RESCHEDULED LESSONS: In the event a student gives a period of three weeks or more notice of cancellation of a lesson, they will be entitled to a rescheduled lesson, There is a limit of 3 rescheduled lessons per year. Rescheduled lesson notice must be given to both administration ( in writing ) and verbally to the instructor in order to be valid.

CREDITS: The Royal Academy only offers a credit if an instructor has left and a substitute or new instructor was not made readily available, resulting in a loss of pre-paid lessons.


In the event that classes and private lessons are cancelled due to inclement weather or for any other reason, there will be recorded announcement on the Royal Academy voice mail machine which can be heard by calling 508-792-1221. 8:30AM for morning cancellations and 12:30 PM for afternoon and evening cancellations. Make up lessons will be offered . Cancellation of lessons due to inclement weather, or extreme circumstances such as family emergency will be offered a make-up lesson only, which can be applied anytime throughout the year.


The Royal Academy’s admission period is rolling and lessons are taught straight through the summer and vacation periods. The Royal Academy’s schedule does not follow public school schedules, so, in the event that a student leaves for vacation consisting of two or more weeks during the months of July1st, through September 1st, the Royal Academy does allow for tuition payments to be pro-rated for missed lessons only between these two month periods.  A teacher can not hold a time slot more than three weeks without the time slot being paid for.


The Royal Academy offers student and family discounts to students attending the academy with one or more family member. There is a four dollar discount per month for the second family member attending and an eight dollar discount per month for the third family member attending.

Our Classes

Private piano lessons at the Royal Academy offers encouraging, focused, individualized instruction given by the highest level instructor and serves to develop the students piano technique, rhythmic training, sightreading skills and general musicianship. At the Royal Academy students can explore the endless opportunities in piano repertoire. We offer lessons to all ages and skill levels as well as all genres of music, from classical to Jazz, blues, rock and pop.

At the Royal Academy guitar students can explore the endless opportunities in guitar repertoire. We offer lessons to all ages and skill levels as well as all genres of music, from classical to Jazz, blues, rock and pop. Private guitar lessons at the Royal Academy offers encouraging, focused, individualized instruction given by the highest level instructor and serves to develop the students guitar technique, sight reading, rhythmic and general musicianship skills.

The Royal Academy offers voice/singing lessons to students of all ages and skill levels, from the beginner to advanced vocalist. Learn to sing your favorite pop tunes, arias or jazz improvisation. Voice lessons at the Royal Academy offers a focused, encouraging, individualized program with an emphaisis on vocal technique, ear and rhythmic training and general musicianship.